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(Value Add) Why does Jarltech need a restaurant?

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
Here’s a question I was often asked over the last days.
As a short intro (not everyone reads the local press from the Taunus): Effective December 1st, 2019 we will be operating the restaurant »essWebers« in Usingen – in a half-timbered house built in 1704, lovingly restored by the city of Usingen and lovingly cooked and managed by the Weber couple for the last five years. A jewel in a small town in the shadow of the cosmopolitan city of Frankfurt, acclaimed by Guide Michelin and Falstaff, but economically beaten by start-up difficulties and misunderstandings, together with construction sites around the building. The restaurant should go out of business.

No, our core business remains wholesale and yet this new partnership was obvious. Usingen is a city that is sometimes plagued by being »second« in location, compared to the Vordertaunus. Jarltech, on the other hand, is proud of its origins. In our industry we play in the first league in Europe and our »essWebers« can also do that. Because it is done with love. Sometimes it’s about being something »different« than expected, though sometimes it’s hard to keep the balancing act between »affordable« and »premium«.

We need a place where we can do business, but also where we can have fun in private. We work hard and the food services industry is an industry that also works even harder. If we come with Spanish business people, and the restaurant opens on a day it normally has off, and then the menu of the day is translated into Spanish, then that fits perfectly to the Jarltech claim. That is truly »premium«.

And if a guest really enjoys the truffle noodles, and we can bring them fresh to the next meeting in London by the glass, then that’s just awesome.

Of course we are in a small locality, but that’s where we come from and we do not shy away from competition with the rest of the world. If you offer a lunch menu for 12.50 euros, somebody is bound to find it totally overpriced. The fact that our »essWebers« does not earn money with it is due to the claim to be »premium« at noon as well. One person finds this to be exaggerated, the other finds that he actually saves money.

This is not about big money. Jarltech is also committed to its hometown. Our success is based on our great team from our region. Jarltech knows its origins, is proud of them and never arrogant – but always generous. Likewise, our cuisine is not over the top, we have no mini-portions and do not require any guest to appear in a suit (otherwise I could never go there). Nevertheless, »essWebers« cannot merely be »simple«, but must always be »premium«. »essWebers« simply wants to make guests happy, just like Jarltech wants to make customers happy.

I think we can inspire each other.

With banquet rooms, »private rooms«, a restaurant, a bar and a terrace, and above all a flexible team, there are possibilities that our customers otherwise only know from our »Staging« department.

We are proud to be able to invite our customers and suppliers there, just as we are pleased to be able to offer this whole range to guests from our favorite city of Usingen. We have a team there that we can trust without hesitation. Now you can also taste and smell Jarltech – it’s about time!
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