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Jarltech growth in 2020: the high expectations were met!

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
When I set a growth target of 30% for our Sales department at our Sales Kick-off in January, I was able to look at many astonished faces. Even without knowing about corona, the target was quite ambitious.

When business thinned out a bit in April and May, I dreaded I was ultimately going to have to say goodbye to these goals.

But no, on the contrary - my people rocked it! In fact, incoming orders rose by a whopping 30.2% (more than a precision landing) to 418 million euros.

Not a single sales territory shrinks in 2020; everywhere things are on the rise.

Due to the great respect for a corona slump, our year-end stock levels were unfortunately not quite as good as usual - but a 60 million euro investment program to increase our stocks will start right away in January, so that we will finally have the largest and broadest inventory in our industry.

I can only thank all my employees for a great business year, the challenges were great across all our departments. Many corona regulations did the rest.

We will present our business figures in April and already expect a further increase in our equity ratio. By the way, since our 2019 figures, the Jarltech group now achieved »investment-grade bond rating« according to the Deutsche Bundesbank's audit opinion. What strong praise for the stability of the company.

I'll keep the goals for 2021 to myself for now, because why ruin the fun. :) There is still a little time until our virtual Kick-off at the end of January.

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