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Order something from the press office of a German company!

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
I briefly want to share an experience with a model German company, version 4.0, on which not only we, but many other companies are “dependent”, in a sense. Which company? Keywords: building automation, combined heat and power plants, fire alarm systems. The company most likely has - as you have heard on the radio - problems in power plant construction, but earns quite a lot of money in the field of digitalization. If it has not yet “clicked" with you, they also build trains and do medical technology.

I recently made several attempts over the course of a month to purchase an extension for our fire protection system at Jarltech-Platz 1. Realistically, there was no alternative to this group, since the rest of the plant came from there and is also maintained by these people. The connection must also be made through their emergency center, since our district probably has a contract with the company.

Anyway, nobody wanted to react to my order, even though the offer already existed. No e-mail was answered and the phone number from the offer led nowhere.

Out of boredom while waiting, I then surfed on their website, and also found no e-mail addresses or phone numbers of other contact people. But, the press office has an e-mail address!

So, simply write down the job for PR:

"We need to quickly expand our fire alarm system that came with you. This is one of three fire detection systems we currently pay for.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reach your sales department, not even if we want to throw money at your company. What should we do? I would be glad if you could help me, otherwise I have no e-mail address from your fire detection systems area. Unfortunately, nobody answers the phone in sales. Oh yes, the control center e-mail address of our contract is no longer there. And the website does have a contact form, but no e-mail address.

I accept that you have a quasi-monopoly with us, but I do not accept that the whole company is unavailable."

Of course I didn’t even get an answer from there. But, the department of fire protection has completely woken up, and the next day I had everything I wanted. As if hibernation was over.

So just try it out the next time you feel that your favorite company is just sleeping though World 4.0!

In any case: Jarltech does not have a press office, for safety's sake!
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Order something from the press office of a German company!
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