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Marketing reloaded

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
Starting now our communication will be a little fresher. Perhaps there are even a few ideas here that you could use in your company.

Have you seen our Zebrilla on zebrilla.jarltech.com? For this campaign we sketched a Zebrilla and had it built. This larger than life figure is a combination of zebra and gorilla, for presenting the new Zebra ET5X Series with Gorilla glass. The stream shows our Zebrilla 24 hours online as it prints raffle tickets on a label printer for all resellers who place their order for the new tablet PCs with us.

On Thursday (7 December) at 10 a.m. I will keep the Zebrilla company and read an excerpt from the new devices' manual. This way, the monkey doesn't feel so lonely, since two monkeys are better than one. I hope you'll tune in! :)

Then there is our new "Premium Distribution Machine". Totally cool. It was a huge hit at the GITEX exhibition in Dubai. You simply insert a euro into the machine and the machine then gives you back a five euro banknote. Of course it is glued onto a flyer explaining in great detail why dealers are able to make more with less with Jarltech's value-add services. You do understand, of course, that we have to somewhat limit access to the machine. :) Soon you will see it for yourself at the bar in our Showroom at the new Jarltech headquarters.

We also took a leap with our Update magazine and turned it into an audio book. This time, I am not the one doing the reading, but rather the voice actor of Marty McFly from the movie "Back to the Future", which was an excellent fit with the cover of our Update magazine.

On Facebook you have probably already seen our monster poster, with which we have facelifted an ugly wall on our new building. The poster measures an impressive 12 x 18 metres and definitely deserves the title "monster". I still am amazed by it when I visit the building.

Even our reception area has been designed by a renowned artist. The drafts alone have already wowed everyone who has seen them. In the middle hangs a large neon installation, which drives the theme of the room's decor. I won't reveal any further details before the grand opening.

We're not finished yet. Moving on, art printed on direct thermal paper will soon be a topic. Once again, having a superb in-house marketing department more than pays for itself. From comics to social media advertising up to product and model photos for our 400-page catalogue, the Update magazine, web offers and even giveaways ? we do it all in-house. That makes us faster and hopefully separates us a little bit more from our beloved market players.
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