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Short-sighted advertising planning?

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
My corrective eye surgery was 25 years ago and now I should get a pair of glasses for when I drive. At least the eye doctor sees it that way, and he sees better than I do! It can't be that hard, I imagine, and I visit a known provider on the internet. After all, you don't need to look around forever just for a pair of driving glasses.

Then I waited. And waited. I really thought that these types of glasses would be tossed on my yard by DHL the following day. Of course, it must be a DHL problem, which is a typical thing to say when logistics run askew. What they have already messed up royally this year. A few days later, I had another look at the online shop of the eyeglass website: my order hadn't even been shipped. Delivery time 5-13 days, that seems to be the standard. And you have to contact them regarding your pupil distance.
Under "Inquire further about an order" (where I had to re-enter my data, even though it was shown on the order page), I got no answer. A few days later then, finally: "We are very sorry, we are currently overburdened with too many orders. It will take a lot longer." Hmm, thanks a lot.

To save costs I suggest to this company that they hit the pause button on the constant "Fast, simple purchase of glasses" advertising campaign. You can't process the orders anyway and will certainly be backlashed with tons of cancellations and returns. I will probably have forgotten the online order at some point. After all, what do I want with glasses when I can see for weeks without them anyway? Or my vision has decreased further and I can't open the package anymore. Presumably during the waiting time fashion has since changed?

If I cannot deliver anyway, I will not spend money on even more customers.

Today I looked at the website, and guess what? Yes, everything is cheaper on »Black Friday«. Super sale. Act fast! You're throwing profits out of the window again for marketing, just to generate more dissatisfied customers? Doesn't sound logical to me.
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