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Corona and the 2020 Euroshop trade fair

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
Entire booths are vacant because companies could not persuade their employees to visit a crowded venue. There could also be Chinese people there. Maybe even from Wuhan. And everyone else is automatically suspicious, too. Every second trade fair visitor will be wearing a protective mask - if visitors even come at all.

That was the prediction for the 2020 Euroshop. Okay, there truly was hardly anybody there on Sunday, but that’s also because nobody visits a B2B trade fair on a Sunday anyway. On Tuesday though, the trade fair was full, packed even - in the halls it sometimes looked like the 1991 CeBIT. Yes, that was the CeBIT the year I wanted to postpone my high school graduation examination, because the CeBIT was simply more important than schoolwork. Unfortunately, the Hessian Ministry of Education did not cooperate, and I had to arrive and leave before and after my exams, but that's ancient history.

At the Euroshop I saw exactly two people wearing a protective mask. There was disinfectant gel lying around each booth, and some booths didn't offer food because of the Corona virus. No food because of the Corona virus? (Could also have been due to cost reasons.) I don't think that going hungry helps the immune system.

What was striking though, was that more hands were shaken than ever before. I don't know how many industry friends I hugged. Clearly more than usual. This is the new vote of confidence: I know you, you are trustworthy and you won't kill me with your virus. You are clean.

Whether this is medically reasonable remains to be seen. Offering a drop of disinfectant gel to a friend, even if it may not help against viruses, is a nice new gesture. Yet it is unknown whether more people than usual washed their hands after using the bathroom.
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