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The terminally ill top-healthy CEO

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
I am extremely proud that I decided to quit smoking this May. It was stupid anyway, smoking for two years. Besides, I was (colloquially speaking) fat. I weighed 116 kg (I am 188 cm tall). My blood work looked barely mediocre.

Sport has never interested me. Reluctantly I have accepted a personal trainer who does Power Plate with me, and also EMS (because you do not have to move). I really like tennis, but the doctors have basically taken away my racket: "From 100 kg upwards you will only harm your body."

At some point I sat opposite my father: 81 years old, still professionally active as a doctor, has a good figure. While we are sitting at dinner: "Son, youíre too fat. You can hardly do worse things to your health. Do something! Have your stomach size reduced.Ē

So I go to the hospital, only to hear that I'm not "fat enough" for stomach reduction. And also, which side effects such an operation bring with it. But: "We have other medicines and methods.Ē

Ok, so every morning since then I have been injecting myself in the stomach with medicine, and I also take pills. The result: I am barely hungry and have improved fat loss. Side effects? Beats me. But nothing is worse than carrying 30 kg too much around with you each day. It's not a walk in the park, mind you, and of course the doctor has to thoroughly check every two weeks to see if there are negative effects. My social life also suffers a little.

Oh, and another thing: the doctor specializing in nutritional science. Every week I go there and learn calorie counting. And what's only got a few calories and can be found in the supermarket. And I learn that you can lose weight without just eating vegetables. I learn what types of light drinks there are and which steak sauces without all the calories actually taste good.

When traveling, I take my own scale with me. Paranoid, you know, as one is as an entrepreneur. It must always be the same scale, because scales all lie to you differently. Daily weighing greatly motivates you though. Would you like to have an alcoholic drink? Gladly, but those calories count. No problem, but then you might have to forgo food. You can eat 200 calories and drink 800 calories, but not every day. :)

Itís nice that all doctors agree that it's all about the calories. For all my readers hereís a scientific insight: it does not matter when you eat, whether you do without fat or carbohydrates, or practice a fruit day - only the calories count. You can fast, which counts as a zero calorie day, but half-fast, 16/8: all garbage. And you do not have to detoxify, because there are no toxins in your body (and detox is just a marketing word anyway).

Salads can also be your enemy. In the US I found a salad that has a whopping 800 calories! Olive oil may be healthy, but it is also very high in calories. And blue cheese dressing, too.

After nearly five months, Iíve taken off the 30 kg that needed to go away. My BMI says: "You are at your ideal weight!" Yesterday, six pages of blood work arrived, all fantastic and better than ever in the last 25 years. The ultrasound shows a happy, normal-sized, again aggressive liver.

Iíd still like to lose another 2 kilos, so that when I switch to "normal food" not every setback leads to panic.

Yo-yo effect? Why, surely. This includes recognizing that obesity is a disease. Not everyone has it. But whoever has it will have to deal with it all their lives. I can count calories now, and since there is no weight left to lose, the daily sums are allowed to increase. And I can start up again with tennis (since I can eat more)! I will continue to weigh myself everyday, and as soon as the perfect BMI is about to disappear, I will have to intervene. You are my witness.

If you would bring clothes to be donated every day, just because they are too big on you, your day would start off grand. Clearly these big things have to go, because I will never need them again. Just a few jeans fit, a single suit, and of course, Jarltech polo shirts in all colors. Only once I reach my target weight will I go shopping again. There are already 25 cm of belly girth gone.

The most rewarding success, however, is the compliments. At first, they were sparse and with the ulterior motive that the few kilos may soon be back on my belly. But with nearly a third of your body weight off, and having an event like the Jarltech Networking Dinner last week, where many people have not seen you for a long time, you'll get compliments from 200 people for an entire evening. This feels incredibly good, and made it worth all the effort. Thank you! Have a look at our photos on Facebook from the Networking Dinner 2018 and 2017 in comparison. Will I be there next year with a gut again? No way!

Some Jarltech visitors, whom my driver chauffeurs from Usingen to the airport, ask him (confidentially): "Poor Mr. Spranger. He looks so thin, he must be terminally ill. What's wrong with him?" Thanks for asking, but I feel great!

If you think that Jarltech can lower prices now because the boss is having less business meals, donít be fooled. The medicine was expensive, and the tennis coach also costs money!
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