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Dress code and Jarltech fashion

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
Even Jarltech has a dress code. Ergo, a suit for customer visits, otherwise just a shirt with a collar (not folded up), no visible tattoos and no sportswear in the office. Anyone who jogs into the office in the morning can please immediately change his clothes. Only the boss is allowed to wear ripped jeans, if he has no appointments (mostly).

Where does all this come from? When I was young, I practically slept in a suit - without a tie, no bank would have taken me seriously at age 20, and certainly no customers. But the further I get, the less anyone really cares about it. And the best wife of all has loosened me up a bit. I have to look really hard for a tie at home. Plus the times have changed tremendously: I can greet a bank executive in jeans. And he can address me informally. The board member can arrive with a driver, or drive himself with the Smart. So what? That's all superficial. But there is a minimum standard of respect, so be neat, clean, wear a collared shirt and clean shoes (but no sportswear). We show our hospitality with tailor-made cheese platters and a variety of freshly baked cookies. I'd rather have that than a company in which everyone wears a different tie every day, but the guests only get tap water and store-bought cookies.

Company clothing with a logo. This is actually an American disease, and this would never have happened to me 20 years ago. But now, I can welcome everyone in a Jarltech polo shirt. And with a Jarltech cap and even with Jarltech shoes (the logo is on the sole, for leaving the perfect footprint), not to mention the famous Jarltech anti-slip socks. This is not high fashion, but it does make me proud. Jarltech polos simply make you look beautiful.

After some logistics employees decided that Jarltech polos were not enough, there were suddenly Jarltech hoodies and jackets. And without my intervention! Some of my staff have actually privately embroidered clothing with the Jarltech logo. At their own expense. What a compliment!

My reaction was the usual Spranger overreaction: a Jarltech collection of T-shirts, jackets, polo shirts, hoodies, caps, baby bodysuits and so on, from black to pink.... Of course, by the boat load. Who would be bothered by that? Oh yes, wait there was someone else: the tax office. If I provide employees with non-safety-relevant company clothing, it is subject to German flat-rate taxation. Here's mud in your eye! If an employee dresses in »Jarltech« clothes, we have to collect a few euros from our employees and in fact sell the clothes. But if I give away Jarltech socks to customers, then there is no further taxation. Yet, if I warm the feet of my own team, then the tax office has to be involved. A real pity, since there is hardly any better advertising than employees who voluntarily wear »Jarltech«.

There's only one thing still missing, and that is a Jarltech tattoo. True, this fashion trend is long gone, but a QR code on the forehead is better than any dating app, assuming you have a large, pretty forehead - like me. I can also recommend putting the Jarltech logo on the arm to anyone who wants to enter into salary negotiations with me. That's guaranteed to help! But wait, a tattoo on the arm only works if no shirt is required. And oh yes, even the employees of the savings banks have finally understood that a shirt has long sleeves (and no breast pocket).
Back to compliance. Do I bribe my team if I give away Jarltech clothing? Or maybe they are bribing me if they voluntarily wear it? Maybe things just shouldn't be taken so seriously. After all, Jarltech makes you slim and beautiful.
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