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Honeywell Xenon 1902h

Mobile healthcare scanner for all barcodes

Honeywell Xenon 1902h: Mobile healthcare scanner for all barcodes
Cordless 2D area imager for the healthcare sector
Bluetooth connection for up to 10 m range
Quickly and reliably captures images, 1D and 2D barcodes
Disinfectant-ready housing (even with harsh chemical cleansers)
Impact-resistant up to 1.80 m
from 987,71 € (recommended retail price)
Data sheet
The Honeywell Xenon 1902h barcode scanner has been optimized for usage... [more]

All versions:
Warranty (months)
Please note: all prices are recommended end user prices. To view your personal dealer price, please log in with your dealer code and your password first. End users are able to purchase any of these units from the following sources
Honeywell Enhanced Xenon 1902h FIPS, BT, 2D, HD, color, multi-IF, FIPS, kit (USB), white, blue (hw1902colhdlf - 1902HHD-5USB-5COLF)
Bluetooth scanner, retail, healthcare, 2D, imager (high density, color imaging), desinfectable housing, FIPS, 0-17cm reading distance, multi-interface (RS232, KBW, USB), incl.: cable (USB), charging/transmitter cradle, colour: white, blue
Special article: no cancellation or return possible!
987,71 €036

Information on additional versions is available at +49 (0) 6081-600 200
Available Accessories:
Honeywell stand, 15 cm (hw1900stand6 - STND-15R00-000-6)
Stand, rigid, oval rod, weighted, height: 15 cm, colour: gray, fits for: 1900g, 195X
35,63 €
Honeywell stand, 22 cm (hw1900stand4 - STND-22F00-001-6)
Stand, flexible, oval rod, weighted, height: 22 cm, colour: gray, fits for: 1900g, 195X
35,63 €
Honeywell connection cable, RS232 (hwcab020 - CBL-020-300-C00)
Connection cable, RS232 (female), 5 V, length: 3 m, coiled, colour: black
18,36 €
Honeywell connection cable, USB (hw1200ucab3 - CBL-500-500-C00)
Connection cable, USB, 5 V, length: 5 m, coiled, colour: black
18,36 €
Honeywell connection cable, KBW (hw1200cabkbw - CBL-720-300-C00)
Connection cable, KBW, 5 V, length: 3 m, coiled, colour: black
18,36 €
Honeywell Xenon Software (hw1900soft - SW-OCR-19xx)
Software OCR license, fits for: Xenon 1900/1902
Special article: no cancellation or return possible!
41,99 €
Honeywell charging/transmitter cradle (hw1902colbtcr - CCB01-010BT-HC)
Bluetooth charging/transmitter cradle, RS232/USB/KBW/IBM Interface, please separately: power supply, connection cable, fits for: Enhanced Xenon 1902h
Special article: no cancellation or return possible!
310,48 €
Honeywell battery sleeve (hw3820bat - 200001576E)
Battery charge sleeve for use with 100000495 Lithium-Ion battery
Special article: no cancellation or return possible!
41,02 €
Honeywell 4-bay battery charger (hw4batchg - MB4-BAT-SCN01EUD0)
4-bay battery charger for 1902, 1452g, 1202g, 1911i, 1981i, 3820, 3820i, 4820, 4820i & 6320dpm, incl. power supply, power cord (EU), two mounting screws and instructions
312,82 €
Honeywell 4-bay battery charger, UK (hw4batchg-uk - MB4-BAT-SCN01UKD0)
4-bay battery charger for Xenon 1902, 3820, 3820i, 4820, 4820i & 6320dpm, incl. UK-power supply, two mounting screws and instructions
312,82 €
Honeywell Access Point (hwbtap - AP-010BT-07N)
Bluetooth Access Point, 10m, up to 7 scanners can be connected
Special article: no cancellation or return possible!
245,60 €
Honeywell power supply, EU (ms9520nt - 46-00526)
power supply, EU, 1.0 A @ 5.2 VDC, 100-240 VAC @ 50-60Hz
29,48 €

Offers and indicated delivery times are not binding and only valid for resellers. Prices are in euro, exclusive of VAT and subject to change. Errors excepted.

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