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Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors

For mobile temperature measurement

Zebra Electronic Temperature Sensors: For mobile temperature measurement
Wireless temperature sensors: S-400, M-300, M-300-P
Data transmission via Bluetooth 4.2
Range up to 50 m
Internal memory for 16,000 data points
Support Zebra's EDGEVue app and OCEABridge gateway
from 42,30 € (recommended retail price)
Data sheet
The Zebra S-400, M-300 and M-300-P wireless electronic temperature sen... [more]

All versions:
Warranty (months)
Please note: all prices are recommended end user prices. To view your personal dealer price, please log in with your dealer code and your password first. End users are able to purchase any of these units from the following sources
Zebra M-300 (zm300 - TT-30-M300-2)
Electronic temperature sensor, Bluetooth, range -40░C to +85░C, IP67, battery replaceable
112,50 €6012
Zebra M-300-P (zm300p - TT-30-300P-2)
Electronic temperature sensor, Bluetooth, range -200░C to +200░C, IP40, battery replaceable
180,00 €012
Zebra S-400 (zs400 - TT-40-0400-2)
Electronic temperature sensor, Bluetooth, range -30░C to +70░C, IP30, battery not replaceable
42,30 €2612

Information on additional versions is available at +49 6081 600-200
Available Accessories:
Zebra spare lithium battery for M300 (zm300bat - TT-30-0200)
Replacement lithium battery for M-300/M-300P temp. sensors (4-pack/box)
54,00 €
Zebra cable (zm300ppt - TT-30-0006)
Replacement PT 100 probe for M-300p -200/+200░C 1.4 M CABLE 1/box
139,50 €

Offers and indicated delivery times are not binding and only valid for resellers. Prices are in euro, exclusive of VAT and subject to change. Errors excepted.

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